The MAABN and the UCCCAB

In order to better promote the interests of its sponsors and members, the MAABN has played an active role in founding and establishing the ‘Union des Chambres de Commerce et Clubs d’Affaires Bilatéraux’ or, more simply, UCCCAB.

This innovative association was created in 2010 by a group of like-minded, bi-national business networks from Belgium, Greece, Armenia, Germany, Switzerland, Morocco and, of course, the UK and the USA.


They realised that by acting together and sharing information and resources, they could offer more to their members.

At a time when the economic activities of the consular representatives of many nations are suffering cutbacks, the role of such local business networks has taken on increased importance. The UCCCAB will be well-placed in the future to help strengthen business ties between Marseille-Provence and its international partners and customers, and to this end the new network continues to widen under the presidency of Olivier Van de Winkel.

The UCCCAB issues a regular newsletter with information about events and contacts. MAABN members are of course automatically invited to attend the events organised by other bi-national networks, subject to the specific entry conditions. Details of the month’s events can be obtained from the UCCCAB website.

For further information about the UCCCAB network, please address your enquiries to

News from the U3CAB