2019 Jerome@Camargo Artists

2019 Jerome@Camargo Artists Announced

Kelley Meister, The Atomic Tourist stands facing left, looking out, dressed in assorted neon yellows, holding a Geiger. Photo made in collaboration with Jaffa Aharonov
The Jerome@Camargo program is an invitational grant program providing artists from multiple disciplines previously funded by the Jerome Foundation with creative residencies at the Camargo Foundation. The purpose of the program is to provide time and space for artists to think, create, and reflect; to learn from a community of artists and scholars-in-residence; and to connect with resources of the Aix-Marseille-Provence area.

The program celebrates the shared legacy of the Jerome and Camargo Foundations, both founded by Jerome Hill. An Academy Award-winning filmmaker, painter, photographer, composer, and supporter of the arts in the United States and Europe, Jerome Hill chose Cassis and what is now the Camargo Foundation as his home in France.

This year’s residents were chosen by a three-person panel consisting of artists/arts leaders, including two former Jerome@Camargo residents. Camargo is delighted to announce that the 2019 Jerome@Camargo artists will be:

  • Noel W Anderson, Visual Artist, Tapestry Project
  • Carrie Hawks, Designer, Filmmaker, Self-injury, Breasts and Femininity, and Animation Techniques
  • Kelley Meister, Visual Artist, Last Vacation Before the End of the World
  • Kavita Shah, Singer, Composer, Vocalist, Untitled (a work-in-progress inspired by the migration of people and sounds in the Lusophone world)
  • Emily Strasser, Writer, Approximations of Light
  • Michael Torres, Writer, All-American Mexican
  • Imani Uzuri, Composer, Vocalist, and Librettist, Songs of Sanctuary for the Black Madonna
Noel W Anderson, Die Leitung, distressed, stretched Jacquard tapestry, 13ft x 9ft, 2016-2017
Le programme Jerome@Camargo est un programme de résidence artistique sur invitation permettant à des artistes de toutes disciplines ayant reçu le soutien de la Fondation Jerome de séjourner à la Fondation Camargo dans le cadre d’une résidence artistique. 

L’objectif de ce programme est de fournir le temps et l’espace nécessaires au travail des artistes dans un cadre propice à la pensée, la réflexion et la création. Ce programme permet également aux résidents d’échanger avec une communauté d’artistes et de chercheurs ainsi que de bénéficier des ressources de la région d’Aix-Marseille.

Le programme célèbre l’héritage commun des Fondations Jerome et Camargo, toutes deux fondées par Jerome Hill. Cinéaste, peintre, photographe, compositeur et défenseur des arts aux États-Unis et en Europe, Jerome Hill a choisi Cassis, l’actuelle Fondation Camargo, pour s’installer en France.

Les résidents de cette année ont été choisis par un jury de trois personnes, composé d’artistes et de chefs de file des arts, dont deux anciens résidents de Jerome@Camargo. La Fondation Camargo est ravie d’accueillir les artistes ci-dessus.

News & Events

[Dance] Wen Hui: Red
March 8 & 9, 2019
Pavillon Noir, Aix-en-Provence
Choreographer Wen Hui was a fellow at Camargo in 2015. Using the Red Detachment of Women as her starting point, the choreographer Wen Hui confronts different points of view and testimonies. She uses this canonic ballet and its embodiment of Chinese communist aesthetics in order to build up a critical panorama of the Cultural Revolution. In doing so, the body serves as reminder, document, presence and living gesture. [LEARN MORE]
[Exhibition] Nicolas Floc’h: Récifs
Until March 16, 2019
Galerie Maubert, Paris
For the first time at a Parisian gallery, photographer Nicolas Floc’h presents a set of artworks, following his researches in the underwater environment led over the past ten years. The exhibition shows photographs and sculptures, focusing on the issue of the habitat, including the artificial reefs as well as the water column, imagined through the prism of painting. [LEARN MORE]
[Screening] Les Drailles de la Mémoire: Le littoral cassiden au fil du temps
March 19, 2019 at 6:30PM
Cinéma du Centre culturel, Cassis
Les Drailles de la Mémoire (“The Droveway of Memory”) is an historical organization in Cassis, which promotes the history of the town through archives, events, and publications. During the screening, several films depicting the coastline of Cassis will be presented, including some excerpts from Jerome Hill’s film Cassis, which was shot by the filmmaker in and around his residence in Cassis, today’s Camargo. [LEARN MORE]
[Project Discussions] Fellows of the Camargo Core Program (Spring 2019)
Various dates in March & April
Camargo Foundation
Ten Fellows are currently in residence for the spring session of the Camargo Core Program to research, experiment, and create, but also to exchange and connect. Ten different projects, involving five scholars, one translator, one poet, three filmmakers, and one singer… They will present their project at the Camargo Foundation in March and April. [LEARN MORE]

Current Residents

Ten Fellows of the Camargo Core Program (Spring 2019)
Artists, Scholars, and Thinkers
Various Countries
On February 26, ten Fellows of the spring session of the Camargo Core Program arrived at the Foundation to research, experiment, and create, but also to exchange and connect. Ten different projects, involving five scholars, one translator, one poet, three filmmakers, and one singer… More information about their projects is available on our website. [LEARN MORE]
At Camargo from February 26, 2019, for 6, 8 or 11 weeks.
Sophia Nahli Allison
Filmmaker and Visual Artist
At Camargo, Sophia Allison will work on Dreaming Gave us Wings, a project that recontextualizes the myth of flying Africans as a factual historical occurence. In this self portrait series the body experiences a physical conjuring of flight to remove self and black women from an oppressive worl and find peace in the psychic space. [LEARN MORE]
At Camargo from February 25 to March 26, 2019, in partnership with 3Arts.
Assaf Gruber
Sculptor, Filmmaker
Israel, Germany
Assaf Gruber (Jerusalem, 1980) is a sculptor and filmmaker who lives and works in Berlin. During the residency, Gruber will develop his new film project Inside Guillaume. The film is the third episode of the film series The Conspicuous Parts that enact a fluctuating focus on crucial choices made by individuals in cultural contexts and how they are being affected by global politics. [LEARN MORE] 
At Camargo from March 27 to April 26, 2019, in partnership with FIDLab.