Camargo Becomes a “Landmark”

Camargo is now a “Maison des Illustres”


We are thrilled to announce that the Camargo Foundation obtained the “Landmark Houses” (“Maison des Illustres”) designation from the French Ministry of Culture. 

The “Landmark” classification has been granted to selected places of memory. These significant places are intrinsically linked to contributing to the understanding of French Cultural History. They act as a witness to the wealth of heritage diversity, throughout the ages. They make up a network of heritage centres each with its own particularity. The classification “Landmark Houses” (“Maison des Illustres”) was created in 2011 by the French Ministry of Culture. The aim is to bring to the attention of the public those venues where illustrious personalities had a connection, be it through their architectural or artistic merits or through the artefacts and works displayed in the unique atmosphere to be found in these houses, stimulating the imagination, inciting curiosity.

This label will help the Camargo Foundation to honor the legacy, artistic interests and humanistic concerns of founder Jerome Hill.

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