A New Year Message from the MAABN Board

Dear Sponsors, Members, Partners and Participants,

The MAABN team and Board hope that 2019 has started well for you and that it will be healthy, happy and prosperous for you all.

We thank all our members and sponsors for their continuing support and assure them that we are working to give them renewed satisfaction as we address our actions increasingly towards the English-speaking community’s needs and interests. We are also pleased to welcome back former members who recognize in MAABN a channel for the community to speak its mind on such matters as international education, business relations, cultural relations and transport links.

We are pleased to thank the British Consul and US Consul General for their active and essential support. MAABN will continue in 2019 to promote and support business and cultural relations between our home countries and the local community.

We approach 2019 with renewed vigour and the team is developing new activities for the year which we hope will interest you all and inspire you to attend. These will include pub evenings, conferences and, as a summertime special on June 14th, a celebratory Summer Gala which will be held on the Corniche Kennedy.

MAABN’s partnership with the Friends of the Mucem through the International Circle des Amis du Mucem continues to grow and will see something new launched in March : the Waterfront Talks, with conferences by notable English-speaking scholars. Announcements will be made on the website and by email.

We would like to thank Nick Hill for his work as co-president of the association throughout 2018. For personal and professional reasons he has chosen to step down as co-president, but we have appreciated the contribution he has made to take the association forward over the last year. A new MAABN team, with some old faces, will be in place in 2019.

Former Presidents Richard Bower and William Peterson will be assisting Pamela King and the MAABN team this year.

We have put in place new membership fees of 40€ for individuals and 70€ for couples. While giving support to the association, you will also benefit from member rates at events. Please renew or join on-line now for 2019.

We are introducing a brand new and unique sponsorship rate of 250€. All sponsors will have their name and logo displayed on the MAABN website and communications. This will also give a business the right to sponsor specific events such as a conference or gala celebration.

We look forward to seeing you very soon at the next MAABN event.

Pamela King, Richard Bower, William Peterson