Job Opportunity, Nice

A job opportunity has been forwarded to us by Frilans Finans for an English-speaking person based in Nice.

Frilans Finans is the leading umbrella company in Scandinavia. Its mission is to enable people to conduct business / develop their skills in an easy, fun and safe way, fully empowered to decide over their working conditions.

Since 1999, it has helped more than 30,000 umbrella contractors to invoice without having an own registered company / to manage a business of their own. In the beginning there were mostly freelancers, but today, companies and people from all kinds of industries throughout Europe entrust their business administration to the company.

It is currently looking for a young-minded person to join its international team in Nice. Good interpersonal skills are a given, which in our organization translates into sharing one’s skills with team mates whilst developing one’s own, taking decisions based on advice as well as facts, demonstrating pro-active behaviour, taking responsibility/feeling responsible for one’s actions but also towards a common purpose, being selfless (humble) and compassionate.

If you find this interesting and if you want more information notify your interest by e-mail to Frilans’ CEO Stephen Schad at

The closing date for applications is 1st August 2018.