Gaby Mon Amour!

Finally coming to MARSEILLE
after their great success in
New York CityMilwaukee and Chicago last February !!




Gaby, mon amour!

Songs and Scandals of Gaby Deslys

Imagine a show with beautiful staging, exquisite costumes with sequins, pearls and feathers about one of the greatest stars of the Belle Epoque, featuring great popular american ragtimes, early jazz music, operettas, French popular songs and crazy dances…

Well! Come and have a look! You won’t regret it!

Show performed in French and English

The dazzling French tenor, Jean-Christophe Born, fascinated by the glories of the past has created a show about the legendary femme fatale of the Belle Epoque, Gaby Deslys. A modern woman who dared to become emancipated. She freed herself from the prejudices and conventions of her time to become a great artist. She joined in one creative expression the operettas of the 19th century, the Variety shows of the 20th Century, the ragtime and the than unknown jazz, which she brought back from her tours in America. Worldly famous, a millionaire, she disappeared in full glory much too early. Her legacy fully deserves celebration and hommage, particularly in her native city, Marseille.

Gaby is played by Clémentine Decouture, one of the finest Soprano of the moment, winner of many great singing competitions, like recently “les Voix Nouvelles” and awarded this year with the prestigious Price “Révélation Artiste Spedidam”,

The great Mark Nadler, an institution in the world of Broadway Theater, is acclaimed all over the world as Mister Show Business. His singing, his unique way of making litterally love to the piano, and his dazzling tap dancing are overwhelming ! He was awarded ” Best Performer of the year 2016″ in New York.
Jean-Christophe Born, has performed all over the world in many great theaters, such as the Lincoln Center in New York. He was Monostatos in Peter Brook’s production of “A Magic Flute”,  among many others parts and productions. He is one of the most eclectic and amazing singer of his generation, jumping from Opera, to Broadway Music-hall in a snap.

 on MAY 7th, 9th, 11th,12th at 8 PM

 and MAY 8th, 10th, 13th at 3 PM 

Théâtre de l’Atelier des Arts
133 Bd Sainte Marguerite 13009 MARSEILLE 
Tel: 04 9126 0906
(5 min walk from the métro Ste Marguerite-Dromel)
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