“Bilingual Document”, Mucem, 10 Nov.

The International Circle of the Friends of the Mucem and the MAABN are pleased to invite you to a free private visit of the exhibition BILINGUAL DOCUMENT with commentary in English by the show’s curator, Sabrina Grassi, on Friday 10 November at 5.45 PM

In the show Bilingual Document, artists and researchers present an unprecedented delve into the Mucem’s vast archives (around 1 million pieces!) questioning the dual nature of the objects in the Mucem collections: is it popular art or does it stem from scientific discourse? Is it aesthetic and poetic, or ethnological? How can the document be brought to life to reflect its bilingual nature? Can new art creations help in reviving these stored pieces?

The exhibition includes specific artefacts taken from the Mucem’s collections plus new works -mostly by French and French/Portuguese artists- created to highlight these objects’ value in our civilization. Curator Sabrina Grassi will take us through her choices and explain her show.

The exhibition includes works by Jean-François Chougnet, Yo Barrada, Omar Berrada and M’Barek Bouhchichi, Jean-Roch Bouiller, Marie-Charlotte Calafat, Erik Bullot, Sabrina Grassi, Yaël Kreplak, Franck Leibovici, Florent Molle, Uriel Orlow, Abril Padilla and Pascal Riviale.

Sabrina Grassi is the former director of the Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’Image (Angouleme-Poitiers). She now lives and works in Marseille.

Exceptionally, the private visit is free and open to all subject to prior reservation. If you are interested in culture and would enjoy taking part in similar events, the International Circle encourages you to become a member.

The exhibition closes on November 13, so sign up now before it’s too late!

The visit will be followed by cocktails and the MAABN Networking Evening in the VIP room of the MuCEM until 9:00 PM (MAABN members: free / non-members €15.00)

For registration and more information, please contact: internationalcircle@amisdumucem.org

7 promenade Robert Laffont
(Esplanade J4)
13002 Marseille

5.45 pm

(Meet in the main lobby of the Mucem)