Eddie Platt at the MuCEM, June 15

MAABN partner the International Circle of the Friends of Mucem is organizing an evening with EDDIE PLATT, founder of the non-profit organization “One Piece of Rubbish”, at the MuCEM on Thursday 15 June 2017 at 17:30.

The event is being held around the show “Vies d’ordures – De l’économie des déchets” (Lives of Garbage: The Economy of Waste).

Englishman Eddie Platt is now a celebrity in Marseille, thanks to his inspiring work to help clean up the city. His organization, “1 Piece of Rubbish” is a people’s initiative born in Leeds and made in Marseille.  The idea is that we are all capable of picking up one piece of rubbish each day, thus contributing to cleaner streets and cities and hopefully a cleaner future… It’s up to us!

Read more here and here and see this video to learn about Eddie Platt’s successful movement.

The visit with Eddie Platt (in English) will be followed by the last of a series of conferences (in French) to be held around the Vies d’ordures exhibition entitled “L’âge de l’homme: un défi pour la culture et la connaissance”, presented by Bernd Sherer, director of the House of World Cultures in Berlin.

The conference will be held in the auditorium of the MuCEM at 19:00.

See you on June 15th at the Mucem!

Reservations: internationalcircle@amisdumucem.org

To join the International Circle of the Friends of the Mucem: https://www.amisdumucem.org/index-en.php