A Look Back at March’s Events

March turned out to be a busy month for the MAABN, with three events that proved to be of great interest to all those who attended.

The first event took place in Aix-en-Provence on the 15th, at MAABN’s partner the IAU, with a presentation by Eric Lelouch, managing director of Marseille’s Pullman Palm Beach Hotel, on the theme of “How a tourist destination is created”.

The talk gave an interesting insight into the history of Marseille as a tourist destination, how it managed to change its image and the issues faced today and in the future. The audience of MAABN members and IAU students and guests ended the evening with our usual networking event, which brought up many related topics.

The next day, the 16th, we had our monthly Language Apéro at the the WTC’s NetWork’In Vieux Port.

Many new faces were present to hear a pitch in English from a local start-up (although now quite well-established) VanLoc, a camper van rental website.

The difference with VanLoc is that its campers are all privately-owned and its range even features some vintage VW “split screns”. VanLoc arranges insurance cover and will provide suggested routes, camping spots and people and places to visit for customers hiring vans. A great way to see some off-the-beaten-track sites in Provence.

Thursday 30th March saw the inaugural MAABN Business Club lunch, which took place at the Cercle des Nageurs in Marseille. The invitation-only event attracted 26 guests, all decision-makers from the local business ecosystem for a lunch at one of Marseille’s iconic institutions. The Business Club is scheduled to meet once every quarter.

Photos by Robert Hale