Conference at Kedge Business School

The MAABN, in partnership with the Kedge Business School’s  Clepsydre students’ association, will be organizing a conference on the Kedge Luminy campus further to the US presidential inauguration.

Entitled “Brexit, Trump…What’s Next? The Populist Revolt Against Globalism”, the conference will feature a panel of eminent speakers including (to be confirmed) Yahia Zoubir, Professor /Director of Research in Geopolitics at Kedge Business School, Philip Breeden, Professor and Coordinator of Public Affairs, IAU College, Aix-en-Provence -and former US Consul-General and Professor Andrew Williams of the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews and editor of the International History Review.

Rarely in recent history has the New Year heralded a time of such uncertainty. With the shockwaves  from Brexit and the vote in the recent US presidential election still resonating, and with the growing popularity of “anti-establishment” figures on both sides of the Atlantic (Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Emmanuel Macron…), the aim will be to try to decipher what lies ahead on the economic, social and political scenes in 2017.

The date is still being finalized with the various participants and will depend on each person’s availability. Fuller information will follow in the newsletter.