Daniel Bénédite Memoirs to be Published

A book based on the reminiscences of Daniel Bénédite, who worked alongside Varian Fry to organize the exfiltration of hundreds of intellectuals, artists and political opponents from France during WW2, is to be published in January by the Editions de Félin.

The 608-page book in French, compiled by university lecturer  Jean-Marie GUILLON and Jean-Michel GUIRAUD, chairman of the Association Varian Fry-France and featuring two colour photo albums, contains much previously-unpublished material  and provides an interesting counterpoint to other memoirs of Varian Fry himself or Mary Jayne Gold.

It already sheds new light on the clandestine work of the Emergency Rescue Committee, which operated in Marseille until its forced closure by the Vichy government.

The book can be pre-ordered by filling out this form.