Saveurs du Monde 2016 – Volunteers Needed!

The MAABN has been invited to participate in the Saveurs du Monde event organized by the UCCCAB and Club WTC Apex taking place at the World Trade Centre on Monday December 5.

The event brings together many of Marseille’s consulates and bilateral trade organizations to celebrate the culinary specialities of each country, with over 700 guests from the local business and diplomatic communities attending the last edition.

We would like to know if any of our members or contact-listers would be interested in providing some traditional British or American food for the MAABN stand. This can be home-made or -if anybody has contacts with a British or US food outlet- made professionally. In the latter case, the event would obviously provide a showcase for the business concerned.

Please bear in mind that cooking/heating/cooling facilities are limited on-site.

If anybody is interested, please e-mail us at for more details.


The MAABN Team