Lycée St. Charles: Canada Ho!

MAABN partner the Lycée St. Charles is hoping to send a class of 1ere to Ottowa in October. Their project is being financed through contributions to a crowdfunding website.

But let’s hear the students tell it in their own words:

After 2 years of online friendship with Ottawa, we are about to meet in person! We will not only get to discover and explore the beautiful capital city of Canada but, living with our Canadian friends and their families during two weeks, we will also get to live the everyday life of a Canadian teenager: going to school, but also celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving and actively preparing for Halloween with visits to the Fright Fest and the Pumpkinferno.

And last but not least, we will have the honor of representing our school, our city and the whole region of Aix-Marseille.

You can help us to make this dream come true by supporting us in this amazing opportunity. Any money collected will bring down the travel costs to Canada for the Marseille families and offer an original and well-planned stay for the visit of our Canadian partners to Marseille.

See the video here: Crowdfunding Canada :

Click here to make a donation

For €5 and over
Dedicated souvenir photo from Canada
Back from Canada, we will show you a selection of our favorite souvenir shots, you can choose your own favorite among them and one of our travelers will dedicate it to you.

For €10 and over
Surprise postcard written and sent from Canada
Give us your name and address. Our students will pick postcards during our stay in Canada, write a special message and send them to you. Our message can be written in French or English, it’s up to you.

For €15 and over
Small box of home-made cookies or brownies with family recipe
We will bake you home-made cookies or brownies using a guaranteed family recipe.

For €20 and over
A mug representing our exchange and/or our British International Section
Our students will choose a mug representing our exchange and/or our British International Section.

For €25 and over
1 hour of story-telling or reading in English
We will provide 1 hour of story-telling or reading in English. A unique experience! Good for 2 children.

For €30 and over
Choose the best place ever in our annual yard sale
We offer a free place for your stand in our annual successful yard sale. Come and hunt for bargains while selling your own items.

For €35 and over
A surprise bag full of Canadian knick-knacks
We will bring you back a bag full of surprise knick-knacks from Canada. Have fun!

For €40 and over
2 hours of babysitting
A motivated team of our students will mind your children for 2 hours. Good for 1 child.

For €50 and over
Become our official sponsor
You will be honored as our section’s sponsor on our blog and on the APEEVIM’s Facebook page.

For €100 and over
Invitation to our New Year buffet
Come and join us for our annual new year buffet, we’ll invite you to a festive lunch.

When making your donation, you can mention which gift you would like or decline the gift. You may also decide later when we contact you to thank you

Association des Parents d’Elèves de l’Enseignement à Vocation Internationale de Marseille