Albanie 1207km Est Private Viewing, Sept. 30

MAABN partner the International Circle of the Friends of the MuCEM is organizing a private viewing of the ALBANIA, 1207 KM EAST exhibition with commentary in English by the show’s curator, Jean-Roch Bouiller, on Friday 30 September at 7:00 PM.

What better way is there to discover a region than through its art? With this goal in mind, the MuCEM has proposed a series of shows: after Morocco, Greece and Tunisia, the next stop on the Mediterranean tour takes us 1207 kilometers east of Marseille to Tirana, the capital of Albania.

Albania, 1207 km East will showcase the works of emerging Albanian artists selected by the Jury at the Salon of Tirana in 2015, presented alongside traditional objects from the MuCEM’s collection reworked by the Albanian artist Edit Pulaj.

The visit will be followed by the MAABN Networking Evening in the MuCEM’s VIP Room.

For registration and more information, please contact:

The meeting point for participants is the MuCEM’s main entrance. Meeting time: 6.50 pm

Please note that the visit is open to International Circle members only.