US Entrepreneurs Network Meeting, May 25

The next conference organized by the US Consulate-General’s Entrepreneurs Network is taking place on May 25 at the US Consulate in Marseille. The theme of the day is the cultural differences that exist when doing business between France and the US.

JechangeThe speaker will be Gaël Duval, a successful entrepreneur who has already set up and sold on a number of companies in the US and France (see his bio below). He is also the sponsor of the French Touch Conference, which takes place on June 21 and 22 in New York (, an event that acts as a forum for French start-ups wishing to meet investors, enterprise creators, business angels and other US-based start-ups.

Registration for the event is by e-mail.

For those who cannot attend, a link will be available via Zoom. Full details will be provided after registration.

US Consulate,
12 Blvd Paul Peytral,
13006 Marseille

4 – 6 pm


Founder & CEO –

Gaël Duval is a serial entrepreneur in the digital sector since 1995 and a business angel for more than a dozen digital start-ups such as 24h00, Adictiz, Carnet de Mode, Ykone, DeRemate, OLX, Roomorama and WebHelp. Currently, he is CEO (and founder) of, the first price-comparison website dedicated to reducing household bills such as telecoms, energy and insurance. In 2013, generated more than 5 million Euros of savings for households. Previously, Gaël successfully started and sold several rapid-growth companies: Alpaga, an online marketing agency that merged with BLL in 2000 to form B2L/bbdo (Omnicom Group) web agency; Kangaroo Village,France’s first start-up incubator and Nextedia, later acquired by Lagardère. He is also the co-founder of France Digitale, an association for digital-economy VCs and start-ups. He is a Kems world champion, passionate about art photography and driven by entrepreneurship.