Eco-Friendly Behavior, IAU Aix March 10

Iris Ramme, professor at the University of Nürtingen/ Geissingen in Germany will be presenting the results of her research on the need for a more environmentally friendly approach to packaging at the IAU, Aix-en-Provence on Thusrday March 10 at 6.30 pm.


In 2010, 250 million tonnes of household waste was produced in the EU alone. That is almost half a tonne per person. One third of household waste is organic waste that could be used for composting or for producing biogas if collected separately.

Packaging waste is one issue that presents a threat for our environment. Green packaging could be an answer to solve some of the problems our modern society has with waste.

This research has a clear practical objective: Companies along the value chain of packaging need to understand consumers’ willingness to buy green so that they can adapt their offers; governments and non-profit organizations want to know where to start when planning green policies; lastly, certifying organizations need to know what is important for consumer.