MAABN 2016 Subscriptions

MAABN membership subscriptions in 2016

The year 2015 was a very busy one during which we organised 16 events, including conferences, networking evenings, a forum on the digital economy and our traditional summer and Christmas parties.

All of this was made possible by our team of dedicated, unpaid volunteers, whose enthusiasm and hard work over the last 11 years have ensured the success of the MAABN.

For 2016 we will continue developing our networking events and conferences. We shall also continue to support initiatives involving the Anglo-American community that can contribute to the attractiveness and success of the Marseille Provence economy.

Members and sponsors are the heart and soul of the MAABN and we are determined that our actions should bring you satisfaction. We now have a virtual community of well over 2000 people and businesses consulting and contributing to our website (, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages, and receiving our bi-monthly newsletter, a core of around 50 fully paid-up members, with another 100 regularly attending events, and around 20 sponsors, including 7 Gold Sponsors.

As a member of the MAABN, we hope you have been satisfied with that membership and that you continue to share the ambitions of the association and appreciate how we are trying to achieve those ambitions.

If you are interested in the MAABN, have attended some events or receive our newsletter and are not yet a member, we hope you have enjoyed your involvement so far. We also hope that, if you share the ambitions and goals of the MAABN, you will support us further by taking out full membership in 2016. We would be honoured to welcome you on board!

Each additional membership allows us to increase revenue that can be used not just to organize interesting events but also to help develop our organization, for example by paying back-office staff to work on projects such as composing a directory of services available for the English-speaking community. We currently do not have the human or financial resources for the kind of data processing required.

We are counting on you, renewing and new members, to keep this dynamic going by subscribing or renewing your  memberships for 2016 now, either on-line or by sending a cheque to MAABN, BP 10052, 13251 Marseille Cedex 20.

Membership dues will remain the same as in 2015 but we count on your renewals and new memberships to boost our figures in 2016!

With our very best wishes,

Pamela King
Richard Bower