New Year Message 2016

The MAABN in 2016 – New Year’s Greetings from Co-Presidents Pamela King and Richard Bower

As co-presidents of the association, and on behalf of the whole team, may we first present to you, the members, sponsors and friends of the MAABN, our very best and warmest wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2016!

Our events in 2015 continued to bring visibility to the association and to its sponsors with 16 events over the year including:

  • a special conference on doing business in the UK in the presence of the British Ambassador to France, Sir Peter Ricketts;
  • an “innovation” networking evening special at Marseille Innovation at the Belle de Mai;
  • three conferences with our new Aix-based gold sponsor, the Institut Américain Universitaire;
  • an AGM hosted by our new partner, the Radisson Blu Hotel;
  • an unforgettable summer party at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis;
  •  the first MAABN Digital Economy Forum at the Pullman Palm Beach Hotel;
  • a joyful Christmas party at the Pullman Palm Beach Hotel;
    all of these alongside…
  • the launch in October of the International Circle of the Friends of the MuCEM, the product of a special relationship with the Museum and in partnership with the Amis du MuCEM.

All of this was made possible by our team of dedicated volunteers, whose enthusiasm and hard work over the last 11 years have ensured the success of MAABN. Their work and the continuing support of the British and United States Consulates and of our much appreciated partners and sponsors – including the City of Marseille, who are organizing with MAABN’s help a business delegation to London in April 2016, the Pullman Palm Beach Hotel, our gold sponsors KPMG, ICA Patrimoine, British Council, Currencies Direct, Oise, Wall St English and IAU College, our corporate sponsors and the CCI Marseille Provence, with whom the British Ambassador’s conference was organised – have allowed MAABN to continue working for our community of businesses with an interest in Anglo-American professional, business and cultural activities.

For 2016 we will continue developing our networking events and conferences. We shall also continue to support initiatives to develop bilingual and international education and other actions involving the Anglo-American community that can contribute to the attractiveness and success of the Marseille Provence economy.

Sponsors and members are the heart and soul of MAABN and we are determined that our actions should bring them satisfaction. We now have a virtual community of well over 2000 people and businesses consulting and contributing to our website (, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages, and receiving our bi-monthly newsletter.

We aim in 2016 to increase the number of active members, bringing new ideas and helping us to build a stronger MAABN for the future. The more fully-subscribed members we have, the more projects we can undertake. Joining the association will give you a voice in its development – if you haven’t already done so, don’t hesitate to become a member.

We hope to see you on Thursday January 28th at the first Networking Thursday event of the year, which will take place at the MuCEM in Marseille. This event is organized in partnership with the Friends of the MuCEM and the Union des Chambres de Commerce et Club d’Affaires Bilatéraux (UCCCAB).

In Aix, the first event will be a conference on Franco-Anglo-American relations by Professor Andrew Williams, Professor of International Relations at St Andrews University, Scotland. This will take place on Wednesday February 24th at the IEP in Aix  in partnership with Sciences Po and the IAU College.

We look forward to seeing you all throughout 2016.