Local School Seeking Dublin Partnership

The UCCCAB has informed us that the Lycée Leau is looking for a partner based in Dublin with whom it could organize a final-year placement for its Baccalauréat professionnel students. The school is the only state school in the Marseille region offering study courses in beauty treatment, cosmetics and perfumery.

LeauThe school is looking for locations in Dublin to host final-year students over three weeks in November 2016 as part of the Erasmus+ scheme. Apart from the obvious language benefits for the students, the aim of the placement is to enhance their employment prospects and help them acquire a better understanding of their “Europeanness”.

Anyone who might have contacts who could help, or be able to assist the Lycée in setting up the project is asked to contact Renaud Guimbard at Lycée Leau guimbard@gmail.com.

The Lycée is also offering cut-price beauty treatment, subject to reservation, for any English-speaking person who would like to come along on a Tuesday afternoon and converse with the students in English.

For more information about the Lycée Leau: http://www.lyc-leau.ac-aix-marseille.fr/spip/