Conference with the British Ambassador, April 13th


The conference co-organized by the MAABN and CCIMP at the Palais de la Bourse in Marseille on April 13th with the participation of UKTI and in the presence of the British Ambassador to France Sir Peter Ricketts was an evening rich in exchanges and debate.

The various speakers at the conference, including the CCIMP’s Louis Aloccio, Didier Parakian from the City of Marseille, Philippe Stéfanini of Provence Promotion, the UKTI’s Alasdair Roberts and the Ambassador himself, outlined the advantages each country could offer  investors and provided an insight into some of the latest projects under way.

The conference also gave a chance to entrepreneurs already set up in Provence, including MAABN sponsor Nick Hill of Real Land/Arthur Lloyd and Caspar Doyle of BBA Reman, to relate their experiences of working in the local economic ecosystem. Pierre-Jeremy Gardiner of RendezvousCheznous presented the innovative project he was hoping to extend into overseas markets.

The importance of foreign languages in education was another topic broached, with speeches from Julia Tooms, student the Lycée St. Charles, and Andrew Burlton for the British Council, an MAABN Gold Sponsor. Also taking part were representatives from the Lycée Georges Duby in Luynes.

The evening concluded with a cocktail buffet in the Salon d’Honneur at which MAABN sponsors and members were able to meet and talk with the Ambassador his UKTI colleagues.