Optimize Your Income and Investments with ICA

MAABN sponsor ICA Patrimoine is offering members and friends of MAABN members a free and confidential service.

ICA Patrimoine was created in 2008 by a group of financial services experts. Today, our head office is in Toulouse and we have 20 regional branches throughout France.

Our mission is to inform tax payers in France of the French financial and tax measures that are available to create supplementary income, a pension fund, increase available capital and family protection etc.

For example, over the last 25 years, successive French governments have provided (and continue to provide) substantial tax reductions for investing in new property to let, be it residential or commercial.

Such an operation could take the following form:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith purchase a property with a mortgage:

Repayment              1000/month   debit – fixed rate
Rental income         450/month      credit – guaranteed
Tax reduction          300/month      credit – govt. guaranteed
Left to pay only      250/month

Credit leverage has never been so cheap and tax leverage is fixed, providing Mr. & Mrs. Smith with the opportunity to buy at a minimum cost. But where? What price? Which developer? What guarantees etc.?

We would be delighted to offer you as members/friends of MAABN a free and confidential financial analysis and to inform you more broadly about French tax legislation and how to use it to create pensions/capital and increase family protection.

Contact: Andrew Robinson: andrewrobinson.ppp@gmail.com / 0782 240784
Pascal Pons: pascal.pons@yahoo.fr / 0678 324205