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Kedge News…

Kedge Paris Executive Campus ouvre ses portes en octobre

KEDGE installe un campus international dédié à l’executive education. Une adresse de prestige au cœur de Paris pour accueillir la prochaine promotion du Global MBA :
• 1000 m2 distribués autour du jardin privatif d’un espace haussmannien transformé.
• Des salles climatisées et modulaires, des espaces de ‘co-working’ lumineux et cosy.
• Une équipe internationale Kedge dédiée aux entreprises.
• Au 56 rue de la Victoire dans le 9ème, au cœur de la ‘Web city’ dans le quartier de l’Opéra.

Kedge Paris Campus

Irfan Ghauri: The Entrepreuneurial Journey

New Global MBA video 

Les conditions de réussite de votre projet MBA:

Paris: 11 Sept, 18h
Marseille: 11 Sept, 10h
Bordeaux: 25 Sept, 10h

Questionnaire de Proust

Damien Costello

Key player on the Kedge Global MBA team and current MBA participant, Damien represents “the up-and-coming” leadership profile.  Originally from California, Damien has set up shop in France, built a family, and with Kedge is rapidly building his international empire. Frank, modern and with a sensational sense of humor.
Greatest challenge in professional life? Negativity and incertitude.
With which successful person do you most identify? George Jetson.
Quality in MBA colleagues you most admire? Open-mindedness.
Your dream in 10 years time? Be in a position to put my ideas into practice, along with a team, to adapt to a changing globalized landscape.
Favorite place in France? Mercantour.
The most precious thing you own? A compass.
The biggest global challenge today? The exploding human population.
Your most unique personality trait? Dualistic vision.
One strategic objective for Kedge MBA? Become inavoidable in Paris, as we are in Marseille & Shanghai today.

Your favorite fictional character? Jeffrey Lebowski.

What’s the greatest reward taken from your international experience? Plurality.
Word of advice for the president of France? Step up to the plate.
Hardest part of your day? Completing this questionnaire.


Innovative Learning Experience

«I am managing complexity. Organization is key to survival and the search for talent will be key» Ermenegildo Zegna, CEO Zegna

Michel Gutsatz, Director of the Part-time Global Executive MBA, shares with us his perspective on Developing a unique innovative learning experience in Leadership & Management, Global Vision & Project Management.  In an ever-changing global business environment where management programmes are numerous, Kedge sets itself apart with its unique vision and approach as well as how it adds true value through the Global MBA….” Read more

Conference, Master-Class, infosession: 

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Next MBA Business Seminar to USA

One definite highlight of the Kedge Global MBA is the programme’s strong focus on international development. In this case, a Business Seminar. The next Kedge Global MBA trip will take place in the final week of September. During this upcoming seminar, 30 Kedge Global MBA executive participants from Shanghai, Marseille and Bordeaux will travel to Washington, D.C. from September 28th to October 3rd to take part in the first ever Kedge Global MBA seminar to the USA! Partnering with the Brookings Institution, one of the oldest and most reputable centers of Executive Education in the world located in the nation’s capital, Kedge Global MBA participants will have the opportunity to couple in-class lectures delivered by speakers of the highest caliber with privileged on-site visits to top government agencies.

New Specialisation in the Kedge MBA

Ecosystemic Innovation

Increasingly innovation happens within decentralised ecosystems that span corporations, individuals and communities interacting over evolving technological platforms. As a consequence, the logic of business is changing: firm-centred innovation is giving way to ecosystem-centred innovation. In ecosystems, creativity and innovation thrive where different organizational functions, unique particularities and ways of thinking meet. Hence, managing innovation today is more complex than managing R&D. Innovators must continuously scan the environment to find promising ideas for future products/services. The future key challenge for managers is to learn how to best capture distributed resources in dynamic ecosystems, through new approaches, tools and sensitivity. This specialisation is one of the first to focus on this newly arising dimension in business. For more about this specialisation, contact Kedge MBA.

Pierpaolo Andriani, Professor of Innovation & complexity at Kedge BS.  In charge of the ‘Ecosystemic Innovation Major’ in the Global MBA

Your personal contact at each Campus: 

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MBA Candidates are in the driving seat

“Part-time MBA and Executive MBA programmes are the top choice for executives looking to earn their MBA within two years at most, while pushing their current career prospects to the next level. In addition, business leaders are able to build solid networks as they enter and complete the programme with the same group of students…”
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The Executive MBA:
A Solid Investment
in Yourself

“ …The executive MBA (EMBA) degree remains one of the most solid investments you can make in yourself: intense leadership development, greater strategic vision and immediately applicable skills are all benefits for an EMBA graduate…”
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Global MBA


Marseille: Oct.’14 & Jan.’15
Shanghai:Nov. ’14
Paris: Feb. ’15
Bordeaux: March ’15

Kedge Edge

A solid investment for you and your company

LEARN the latest in management from some of the finest minds in the academic world
ADAPT your skills to a changing environment by implementing innovative business models
DEEPEN your understanding of international landscapes and immerse yourself in vibrant business regions
DESIGN appropriate and innovative solutions for your organisation
BOOST your career, becoming a key actor in strategic corporate decisions
STRENGTHEN your personal and professional network 

Kedge Global MBA advantages

A truly international perspective

4 different campuses (Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris & Shanghai)
Participate in 2 week-long International Seminars in the USA, India, Brazil, Morocco, China…

A flexible programme

Choose the training format best adapted to your personal situation: Part-Time 2-year, Part-Time Modular Path (fully personalised over a period of 1 to 4 years).

A performance-oriented learning approach

Action learning – Personal coaching – Corporate Projects.

A transversal perspective

Develop a transversal vision of business through your corporate projects.

A unique opportunity to specialise your MBA

Choose  from among 10 specific specialisations:  Branding Strategy, Sourcing, Finance, Talent Mgt., Wine & Spirits Mgt., Maritime Mgt., Ecosystemic Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development, Global Mgt., Brand, Design & Innovation, Resources Mgt.

A personal coach

Identify your professional strengths & weaknesses, work on marketing yourself, develop networking strategies, train for presentations of all kinds…

A strong focus on responsibility

Raise your awareness of and acquire greater social & environmental responsibility & business ethics.

An international network

Become a part of 35 500 successful executives working in an array of sectors and functions in France and Internationally.

A world-recognised fully-accredited diploma

Ranked 43rd Executive MBA worldwide and 3rd in France by the Financial Times in 2013
Triple-crown international accreditation:  EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB

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