English courses in Marseille with the British Council

School year and holiday classes for young learners

Discover our school year and holiday classes for young learners from 6 – 17 years old.

With 80 years’ experience teaching English around the world, the British Council has the quality and professionalism to deliver vibrant and enriching classes so that your child will develop his or her writing and oral skills in a safe and stimulating environment.

All our teachers are native English speaking graduates with professional teaching qualifications and considerable experience teaching English as a foreign language, who benefit from continous professional development training.

This summer we have a new all-day solution for your children. We are offering a full immersion programme which involves a variety of activities (including sports and arts) based around a story book. This provides 35-hours of English for children per week.

Our summer holiday courses run:

Week 1: 7th-11th July
Week 2: 15th-19th July

Also, don’t miss our open day on 28th June!

For further information please visit our site or contact our team.

Cours d’anglais pour enfants, adolescents et adultes

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