New English International Section at Lycee St Charles

Lycée St. Charles Presents
Newly-Opened British International Section

It was a great pleasure to welcome Mmes Corinne Marquerie, Proviseur, and Laura Choffrut-Marin and their colleagues from the Lycée St. Charles’ new English-language British International Section to our November Networking Thursday in Marseille. Many thanks to them and to students Julia and Thiephaine for taking the time to present the school and its new English-language section and to answer the many questions raised by the audience.

As members will know, teaching in English (as opposed to ‘of English’) in the region’s schools has been one of the MAABN’s most passionately defended causes over the past few years and it is in part thanks to our determined lobbying that new international sections are being introduced. The British International Section at the Lycée St. Charles in Marseille’s 1st district, just 15 minutes’ walk from the main station, is the latest of these.

StCharles_studentsThe British International Section covers the seconde to terminale school years, leading to the International Option Baccalaureate, and is open to students who have the required level of English and are, above all, motivated. You can view a short Powerpoint presentation of the section here and will find more complete details of the courses on the school’s website. The section also has its own blog.

Every effort has been made to make the section dynamic, with partnerships being set up with schools in different parts of the world and school trips funded by initiatives such as selling cakes, babysitting and crowdfunding. The next trip will be to Belfast in Northern Ireland.

More information regarding the British International Section can be obtained by sending an e-mail to