Lycée St Charles Belfast Trip Appeal

British International Section Seeks Funding Help

The British International Section at the Lycée St Charles is planning a visit to the Hazelwood Integrated College in Belfast next February.

StCharles_HazelwoodThe Belfast school was chosen as it was one of the first in Northern Ireland to offer an education for children from all religious backgrounds.

Belfast was also chosen because of its similarities with Marseille: both are port cities undergoing rapid transformation and trying to shake off a sometimes negative reputation.

The school has launched a crowdfunding appeal to help reduce the costs of the trip for families and of organizing activities for the Belfast students’ return visit to Marseille. The students are offering services (cake-baking, babysitting…) and gifts (t-shirt, souvenirs from Belfast..) in return for your donations.

Any help will be greatly appreciated by the students and their families!