On the Trail of Bryan Connell

Marseille’s Palais de la Bourse on the Canebiere is home to an ongoing exhibition of works by several artists on the theme of the GR2013, a figure-of-eight walking trail that loops around the Etoile range of hills and the Etang de Berre.

The exhibition, entitled Le Palais et le Sentier,  is an eclectic mix of disciplines that tells the story of how a landscape evolves and how it is represented and is a tribute to the walkers cum artists who had a hand in tracing out the trail.

BryanConnellAmong those taking part is American artist Bryan Connell, who was invited by the GR2013 team to provide input to enhance the experience of visitors exploring different aspects of the trail landscape, which varies from city center streets to the wilds of the garrigue.

More information on the exhibition here.

Bryan Connell’s website is here.