UK At-traction at MP2013 in May

A Question: What’s yellow, weighs 8 1/2 tons and dances?


Traction_3The answer is not a jaundiced elephant doing recreational drugs but the JCB diggers used by  Motionhouse , one of the many street theatre companies taking part in the MP2013 festivities.

The UK-based company is one of the stars of a special 2013 edition of  the “Folle Histoire des Arts de la Rue” (Amazing Story of Street Art) being organized from 3rd to 20th May in six towns and cities in the Bouches-du-Rhône and bringing together local artists with those from across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

For this event, Motionhouse will be presenting the newest show in their Machine Dance series entitled “Traction” on the 10th and 11th May in Marseille.

The show, a stunning Transformers-esque performance that sees six dancers and three JCB diggers dancing together, has been described as “Brilliantly choreographed; beautifully executed… an inspiration and a wonderful piece of theatre” and should prove to be a great hit with the crowd.

Further details can be obtained by downloading the PDF file from the producer Karwan’s website.

Also, please remember that more information  on MP2013 events is available in English both on the official website and on Chris and Theresa Kimble’s site