If Marseille Were…

Thinking About Marseille “Outside La Boite”



The February Language Apéro  brought both new and old faces to La Bôate and featured a presentation on business opportunities in China by Robert Dunand of Sinan Consulting plus a photo slideshow of Marseille by photographer Robert Loï.

To encourage people to get to know each other, events coordinator Rebecca Penna had devised a networking activity based around our views of the city of Marseille and entitled “If Marseille Were a(n)…”

The winning team’s suggestions were as follows:

If Marseille Were…

A drink
A cocktail: Because it’s such a mix

A color
Red: For its passion and spice

An animal
A dog: (You know why!)

A sign of the zodiac
Virgo: Because of the Virgin Mary on Notre Dame de la Garde

A car
A “voiture sans permis”: Easy to park – and a lot of Marseillais don’t have a “permis” anyway…

An item of clothing
A cap: Worn any which way you choose

A letter of the alphabet
The Greek “D” (delta): For the Bouches-du-Rhône

A fruit
A coconut: Hard on the outside but soft on the inside

A flower
A daisy: I love her, I love her not…