Robert Loï Photos at February LA

Man’s Relationship With the Urban Environment


Loi_4-affiche-400The February 28 Language Apéro will be an opportunity to see a projection of works by local photographer Robert Loï.

With its unusual style, Robert Loï’s work focuses on how man relates to the urban environment, the spaces it creates, the signs and symbols it  presents us with and the way each of us finally appropriates this environment as our own in our daily errings within the city.

A recent recipient of the Serge Assier Award in the color photography category, Robert Loï has so far taken in the cities of Marseille,  Paris and Brussels. His next project is a trip to photograph Liverpool and Glasgow, cities -like Marseille- with a rich industrial heritage and which have more recently become cultural destinations in their own right. (Any local information or advice regarding these destinations is welcome!)

More of Robert’s work, plus dates of upcoming exhibitions, can be found on his website .