Marseille Kicks Off Capital of Culture Year

Sharing the South


As you cannot fail to have noticed, Marseille Provence European Capital of Culture 2013 is under way, with the official opening festivities taking place across the region on the January 12-13 weekend.

The stakes are high for the city and the Provence region and the organizers have spared no effort in their mission to provide a year-long program of cultural events that will attract visitors from all over Europe.

The theme chosen by MP2013 is “Sharing the South”, as their official press release explains.

For further details of what to expect this coming year:

Provisonal program

Marseille-Provence 2013 press center

Another very informative site on Marseille that has a blog about the Capital of Culture year can be found here:
The site is run by MAABN members Chris and Theresa Kimble.