Evening of Contrasts at November LA

Bangers* and Cash on the Menu at La Boâte


The November LA at La Boâte in Marseille was one of contrasts to say the least!

John Evans, from the LA’s sponsors KPMG, kindly  let himself be grilled by the MAABN’s Rebecca Penna on exactly what an audit, accounting and tax specialist did in a typical day at the office. The answers he gave us were quite surprising and dispelled many people’s vision of accountancy as being a boring desk job. Indeed, the company’s local entity is in daily, close contact with its many  clients -both large corporations and smaller concerns- and a large part of the work involves  getting out in the field and meeting clients at their premises to  discuss various issues, provide expert advice and offer  tailored solutions.

This Q&A session provided the background for the next  stage of the evening, with an English-language networking ice-breaker designed to find out what other people did at different times during their working days.  Since a different person had to fill in a different time slot on each sheet, the resulting final “diaries” turned out to be quite bizarre! Another Refervescence tour-de-force!!

Another person doing the grilling -literally- was John Price, an English butcher based in the Lot who had made the journey specially for the LA to let us taste his wares. He kindly prepared  a few of his numerous delicacies for us, including delicious herb sausages, more-ish spring rolls and mouth-watering black pudding.  Many of those attending went home with arms full of  choice meat cuts that were sure to prove a hit at Christmas.


This was the final LA of the year. The 2013 LA season gets under way in January in Aix-en-Provence (date and venue to be annouced in the newsletter), with the Marseille LA earmarked for the 31st at La Boâte.

The MAABN team wishes you all a happy holiday season and very best wishes for the New Year!

*British slang for sausages