Club WTC-APEX Visiorizon USA/Canada 29/1

Club WTC-APEXThe Club WTC APEX is organizing its first Visiorizon conference (in French) focussing on the USA & Canada. Taking part live from Toronto will be Axel BAROUX, Assistant Director, North America and Director, Canada for Ubifrance.

Regional exports to Canada almost doubled in the period between 2009 and 2011 and those to the USA have increased by around 15% since 2009.

The videoconference will be followed by a presentaton of the markets’ main  features and individual meetings may be arranged aterwards subject to prior notification.

Please note that registration for the event on a first come first served basis is compulsory. You must register by 25/01/2013 latest at: [include company  form if individual meeting required]

Entrance: €30 inc. VAT for members, €40 inc. VAT for non-members

4.00 PM

WTC Marseille Provence
2, rue Henri Barbusse
13001 Marseille.