Take a Butcher’s…

John Price the Butcher at the MAABN



John Price, is a Master Butcher based in the Lot with over 30 years experience in the meat, catering & bakery trade (also known locally as “John the Sausage”).

John aims to provide the best quality meat and meat products, all home-made to his clients in the South of France. A full range of butcher meats will be available as the family business grows from traditionally prepared English cuts of meat and tender steaks to the new wave of marinades, coatings, glazes and sauces for kebabs, stir fries and the barbeque.

Specialising in English sausages, home-cured hams, bacon, pork pies, original Cumberland sausage, Bury black pudding and more, John can also prepare -on request- patés, terrines, home-made soups, stocks & sauces, either fresh, frozen or canned for your convenience.

John will be coming along to our Marseille Language Apéro hosted by KPMG on Thursday November 29 at La Boâte.

Don’t miss it!

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