“Rentrée” at the MAABN: New Prices and More!

A New Term Sees New Features at MAABN Language Aperos


Over the summer vacation period, the MAABN Board has been busy looking at various ways to improve on the already successful MAABN Language Aperos held in Aix and Marseille each month, with several proposals being discussed. Some of these will be implemented over the next few months.

As the many who attended the Marseille LA last Thursday will have discovered, the first of these is a price reduction for non-members at all Language Aperos.

As of this month, non-members attending the Aix and Marseille Language Aperos will be asked to pay €10 instead of €15. This initiative, the first of several, is intended to make Language Aperos even more effective and enjoyable events for you to network within the English-speaking community.

If you are already a member, bring along your business partners and friends. If you are not yet a member, look at the advantages you could have by joining the MAABN community: easier access to events, member rates and benefits for events and parties ….

To join, simply click on “Membership” above.