Clara Feder’s “Triumph of Virtue” Exhibition, 18-25 October

Clara Feder Sets Up at the Rétine Gallery


Loosely based on the novel Paul et Virginie, written in 1787, Clara Feder plunges us into her personal world of subverted old masters, text collages, sketches played out on minuscule stages, tiny actors and spectators and witches’ spells! This expanding world explores the subject of Virtue as a saving grace, the underlying theme of many stories in which the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

An exhibition not to be missed!



“Le Triomphe de la Vertu”

Chez Rétine
85 rue d’Italie
13008 Marseille

Preview Thursday 18 October 2012, 6.30 to 10 PM

Exhibition runs from 18 to 25 October

Clara Feder and her exhibition are on and