Newsletter Tips

Optimizing Reception of the MAABN Newsletter


Our newsletter aims to bring you up-to-date news and information on upcoming Language Apéros, MAABN events and news from our sponsors and partners.

The newsletter is usually sent out twice a month to the e-mail address you provided upon subscription. If you have been experiencing occasional problems receiving your copy, the following may be of assistance:

Since many large corporations have strict rules on unsolicited e-mail, our newsletter may be filtered out by your company’s mail server. It is therefore preferable to enter a personal e-mail address when signing up for the newsletter;

If you nevertheless wish to use a corporate e-mail address and you have are not receiving the newsletter on schedule, please ask your IT department to add the domain name to their “whitelist” (authorized senders);

Even with a private e-mail address, newsletters can get classified as spam by some ISPs due to the fact that they are a bulk mailing shots (we send ours to almost 1300 addresses each time). Please check the “Junk”, “Spam” or “Courrier indésirable” folder on your webmail page to make sure the newsletter has not been incorrectly filtered out (you will probably need to log in to your ISP account for this). If it has, please re-classify it as non-spam manually;

If you do change your e-mail address, please remember to re-subscribe using your new address. Newsletters sent to defunct mailboxes are automatically canceled after three unsuccessful attempts at delivery.

We shall be repeating these tips in our announcements at upcoming events. However, if you know of a subscriber who hasn’t received his/her newsletter at all, we would ask you to kindly forward this information to them.

We hope you continue enjoying the MAABN newsletter and look forward to seeing you at one of our many events.