Absorbing MP2013 Debate Well Received

The MAABN’s conference-debate on the effect of MP2013 on British and American tourism held on May 15 last at La Boâte in Marseille attracted a sizeable audience from all sectors of the local business community.

The event was  attended by the MAABN‘s co-presidents, US Consul Phil Richards and British Consul Simon Taylor, and guests that included Mrs Maria Grazia Cavenaghi-Smith, head of the EU Parliament’s South-East France Information Bureau.

A panel of high-profile speakers was invited by the MAABN to present the facts and figures of UK/American tourism, the expected impact 2013 will have and the measures being put in place to make sure the visitor experience for these populations is a positive one.

The panel consisted of:

  • Hugues de Cibon, sponsoring, marketing and tourism director for the Marseille-Provence 2013 European Capital of Culture team;
  • Jacqueline Florkin, sales & marketing manager at the PACA Regional Tourist Board (view presentation here);
  • Stéphane de Fabry, sales & marketing manager, Bouches-du-Rhône Tourisme (view presentation here);
  • Nicolas Geoffroy, head of tourism engineering at the Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry (view presentation here):
  • Julien Boullay, head of marketing and communications at Marseille-Provence Airport

The Panel

A lively question and answer session followed the presentations, with a number of interesting points raised  by members of the audience.

The evening concluded around a cocktail, accompanied by canapés from caterers Just’ Caroline, providing an opportunity for speakers and guests to mingle and continue the discussions.

From the returns already received from participants and audience alike, it appears the event was a resounding success.

All photos © Robert Hale www.rhalefoto.com