Language Apero 11/10

Chateau Pontet Bagatelle
Route de Pelissanne
13410 Lambesc
Tel:             04 42 92 70 50

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18h30 -21h00

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The wine business of Chateau Pontet Bagatelle was acquired by the current owners, Garry and Sabine Stephen when the Chateau was bought in December 2006 as a family home. Garry has been a wine lover for many years and harboured a dream of one day making wine. The dream became a reality when his wife, Sabine, who is half French, suggested that the family should move to France and promptly found a wonderful Chateau complete with a boutique wine business. The temptation was far too great to refuse and we have now set about the wine making task with real passion – our first Rose in 2007 winning a gold medal and our second Rose in 2008 winning three gold medals and a bronze. Pontet Bagatelle began its life as a small chapel in the 13th Century. It was constructed with vaulted ceilings and columns of Rogne stone, a beautiful soft yellow stone that is local to the area. It was not until 1993 that Pontet Bagatelle was restored and vinification began.

We have seven hectares of vineyards with targeted annual production of around 35 hectolitres per hectare to produce approximately 24,000 bottles  per annum.
We are located just outside Lambesc in Appellation Coteaux d’Aix en Provence.
Our grapes are primarily Grenache (80%), Cinsault (10%), Syrah (10%) and Cabernet Sauvignon grown in a clay limestone soil (argilo-calcaire).
Production is 80% rose and 20% red wine.
We know that great wine starts in the vineyard and it is here where we work with nature to encourage only the best quality. We pick our grapes by hand  only in the cool of the morning.
In the cellar we use a lot of stainless steel and modern technology to get the best out of the high quality grapes we have produced in the vineyards.
As a result we have been distinguished with numerous gold medals and in particular the Médaille d’Or au Mondial du Rosé (Cannes 2009) – one of only 40 gold medals in a competition of 600 rose wines from around the world.

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