Language Apero 31 March

Peter Richards is the founder of the artist-in-residence program at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, a hands-on science and education facility founded by Frank Oppenheimer, brother of nuclear physicist and presidential advisor, Robert Oppenheimer.
Peter is himself “in residence” at the Institut méditerranéen d’étude et recherche avancées (IMéRA, and is working with his wife Sue Richards on a conceptual project for “identity of place”. Peter and Sue Richards will present elements from their work :

Intersections : Land, Water & Culture

Sue and Peter Richards are studying the intersection between the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the land that defines its shores in the Marseilles area. They are exploring the differences and similarities between this Mediterranean region and the Bay Area of California. Both places share comparable climates, industries which were once or still are, maritime based, a strong science and research community and cultures which are defined by migrations of people throughout their respective histories. This includes studying the intersections of cultural, ecological and environmental processes. Ultimately, they want to find ways of physically expressing some of the commonalities between life in Mediterranean regions and the Bay Area in a manner that could lead to some shared understandings of the global aspects of the rapidly evolving nature of the physical world from a laymen’s point of view.

They are in residence at IMéRA and will continue research which began last year at this time and will continue next year for a final three months. The goal of this project is to obtain permission and funding to realize a public art work whose basic concept falls within the rubric of Land, Water, Culture.
Presenters : Peter & Sue Richards

Winfluence, Maximizing the message

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Presenter: Maryna Blankenstein