The red letter day in Provence – 8 May

Join MAABN for an authentic Anglo-Provencal day out meeting a bunch of interesting people, making valuable business contacts, having great fun and seeing Provence through very different eyes!

What’s the Red Letter Day all about?
It is a chance to network in a relaxed setting, have a great day out whilst experiencing the region through different eyes and a different language. Business + Pleasure = Plusiness!

It’s a combination of a car rally and a treasure hunt which kicks into action even before the adventure begins. A few days before, each participant will be designated a specific team and car to be decorated by the whole team before the rally begins. Each participant will receive a part of the clue revealing the initial meeting point – the first mystery to unravel with their Red Letter companions.

A truly Anglo-French day (re)discovering the delights of Provence plus a picnic in traditional English style adding to this extraordinary Anglo-French contrast. And all this whilst defying the laws of Provençal nature by only conversing in English. But not to worry, everyone will be in the same boat (or should we say car?!) and if we have it our way, they’ll make some invaluable business contacts as they motor their way through the Luberon’s vineyards.

Successfully deciphered clues means progress, progress means points and points mean prizes! The day will meet a festive conclusion with surprises for winners and losers alike in an exquisite location and beautiful Provençal setting.


Refervescene and SunForYou two thriving events companies in Provence are behind this original idea. They have joined forces to create the ultimate in enjoyable networking: a surprising combination of business and pleasure that they amusingly refer to as Plusiness.

Refervescence specialises in intercultural training and events tailored to the needs of the professional French market.

SunForYou organises tailor-made events ranging from personal -weddings & birthdays- to professional -promotions, sales, strategy or team development.