British artist James King Presents a selection of his work – 21 September

British artist James King
Presents a selection of his work
At the art gallery « Songe d’Icare» of Marseille to MAABN
Tuesday 21 September 2010 at 6:00 pm
21 rue Edmond Rostand 13006 Marseille

There will be a presentation by the artist of the most striking pieces of the exhibit shown in July/August, followed by cocktails


James King is a British figurative artist living in France, inspired both by the masters of the past and the contemporary world. After graduating from Oxford with a BA in Fine Arts in 1987, he travelled extensively in Europe before settling down in Paris. His main interest lies in human beings, in their urban environment and their mythical background.

Drawing is essential to King’s art. He works through intensive sketching processes, as well as drawing and painting from life models. He creates “lyrical and joyful” images out of such pillars as composition, light, and chromatic harmony.

King is a versatile artist; his work includes drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture (he worked in Paris with the renowned figurative sculptor Raymond Mason). He gives new life to charcoal, a somewhat neglected technique nowadays. His wide variety of themes, ranging from reproductions of classics to modern versions of street scenes, draw consistently upon the rich cultural heritage of our past (Shakespeare, Hogarth…).

The works presented will display the diverse sources of inspiration and techniques of the artist. They were chosen to match as closely as possible themes relating to the rich and complex environment of Marseille life.

About the gallery

Songe d’Icare, or “Icarus’ Dream”, is a new ContemporaryArtGallery that opened in Marseille a few month ago. It aims at contributing to the rapprochement of Mediterranean countries through art and culture. Plastic Arts, freed from the barrier of written and oral language (as conveyed in the myth of Icarus) are an ideal channel for cultural exchange. It has organized three exhibits, the latest being that of James King, which has raised wide interest.

Contact: galerie Songe d’Icare, Nicolas Mettra: 04 91 81 76 34, RSVP